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Crazy K Farm Angels

A HUGE thank you to our Crazy K Farm Angels, without whom our rescue efforts couldn't continue. Please take a moment to visit their websites.


Would you like to be an Angel? Your name will be listed here. Here's how. Donate now!


Platinum Angels: Thank you for your donation of $100+

Kerry Crawford (WhoMadeYourSite): www.whomadeyoursite.com

The Daub Family, For Sneeze and Squirt:


Kathleen Blankenship: For Zoey

Char Stamper: Until They All Have Fur-ever Homes

Susan Rudnicki: In memory of Sprite, lil seabright hen from the Sisters of Charity

Anonymous: For our rescued boys wehave lost: We love and miss you still...

Meg Ewen

Leslie Greffenius: In memory of Morton Olin

Samantha Jaimez: For Una

Christine Mize: Thank you and God bless you for all the work you do for the critters

Lora McKinley

April C. Chew

Helen Powell

Katherine Forbes: (Our Smart & Beautiful Hens) Benjamin and Bessie

Buster Reinhardt: Sam's Mom

Natalie S.: Cookies the Indian Runner duck and friends



Gold Angels: Thank you for your donation of $50-$99

Farmer Ann: In Memory of Minion

Farmer Ann: In Memory of Buffy

Christy Geiger (Synergy Strategies): In Memory of Casper

Linda Belan: Sweet​, gen​tle b​rown ​dog...

Desiree Bryant & Greg Vizzacco: Anubis (9/9/08 - 2/8/11) Our feline baby never to be forgotten

Anonymous: In memory of our dear hens, Gremmi and Grace who were taken way to soon.

Laddie and Jasmine Bryan

Farmer Ann: On behalf of Muskett



Silver Angels: Thank you for your donation of $25-$49

The Pfister family

F.C. Farms

Cheryl Strait

Pam Bratcher

Curt Eckhart

Donna Seremet

Pat G.: For my rescued boys, gone but never forgotten

Frank Meyer: In memory of Bette J. Meyer

Anna Benko: Menlow, Jojo and Ernie

Clan McIver: for Kayla bird

Julia H.: For Henrietta and Oscarina

Julia Hunt: For Lance

Julie Marae

Page Periman

Donna Balmer: In memory of Ozzy

Pat Cotton

The Hamiltons: In memory of Radison, Artie...

Lilah Weber: In memory of all my precious animal friends

Lisa Hudson

Debra Buchanon

Laura Wirtjes: In memory of our baby kitten, Gretchen. 

Shannon Hadley 

Fifi, Cookie and Ashleigh



Sweet Peas Momma: Sweet Pea

Anonymous: Chicken Little


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