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Hen Saver Hen Apron/Saddle (Made-in-USA)

  • Tan camouflage with shoulder protector. Chicken not included.
  • Double Strap Hen Saver
  • Single Strap Hen Saver
  • Underside of Single Strap  Hen Saver with shoulder protector
  • Medium Double Strap Hen Saver with predator eyes
  • Green camouflage Hen Saver with shoulder protector
  • Image 7
  • Awareness Pink: 10% of profits donated to breast cancer research and awareness. Hens not included.
  • Tan camouflage Hen Saver with predator eyes.
  • Red Bandana Hen Saver with Shoulder Protectors
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Product Description


Hen Saver® protect hens' backs from roosters; prevents feather loss and cuts and gashes that can lead to picking, cannibalism and death in both domestic and commercial flocks; cover areas of feather loss and wounds to promote healing and feather re-growth; and provide potential protection against hawks by reducing their ability to grasp chickens. Add Predator Eyes to your Hen Saver and hawks may not attack your chickens at all!

Unique features that add to the functionality and durability of the apron include a notch at the base to accommodate the hen's tail feathers, two strap styles, finished-seam stitching that secures a layer of breathable batting between two layers of rip-, tear- and puncture-resistant material, and optional fixed or removable shoulder protector.

Our high-quality aprons are time-tested and chicken approved! There are cheaper aprons on the market, but you get what you pay for. Our aprons are the most durable and safest for your chicken. In particular, beware of aprons made from slick or "waterproof material" -- the lack of breathability will over-heat your chicken and the slick material will cause your rooster to slide off, potentially slitting open your hen's sides with his spurs. 

The double-strap style is intended for more active chickens and is more complex to put on the chicken. The apron is secured by pulling it over the chicken's head and through the loops made by the intersection of the two straps. You must pull one of the chicken's wings through the appropriate loop of the strap (left wing through the left loop, right wing through the right loop). More active chickens will be less able to remove this apron. But some chickens cannot tolerate the straps crossing their chests. Those chickens would need a single strap Hen Saver.

The single-strap hen apron secures to the chicken by pulling the chicken's left wing through the left loop of the strap and the right wing through the right loop of the strap. This single strap style is work like a backpack and easier to put on the chicken and more comfortable for the chicken to wear, but some chickens may be able to remove the apron.

Aprons are available with strong double-layer shoulder protectors that are either permanently fixed onto the apron or attached with velcro.

LARGE fits most standard breed hens and small roosters, MEDIUM fits most bantam breed hens, and SMALL fits shorter backed or thicker tailed bantams (Silkies, etc.). Extra Large fits most standard breed roosters and large hens and Extra Extra Large fits most large standard roosters and turkeys.

Our patented Predator Eyes aprons are intended to inhibit hawks from attacking chickens. Add Predator Eyes to your Hen Saver® apron for an additional $4. Our round eyes were designed with the help of a raptor expert and printed exclusively for us on strong, long-lasting, rip and tear-resistant duck cloth. Our predator eyes are hand-cut and sewn onto your apron; they are not flimsy decals.

If you are buying a Hen Saver® to assist you with a hawk problem, please note that some hens will naturally squat in place without struggling when being attacked, enabling a predator to easily grab her neck and make a quick kill. Hen Saver® WILL NOT help in this case. However, we do offer aprons with our hand-designed "predator eyes" patches to inhibit hawks from attacking chickens in the first place. The predator eyes are large red and yellow eyes sewn onto the aprons, effectively staring up at the sky from the back of your chicken. Although they are still in the testing phase, results to date look promising. If you would like to add a pair of predator eyes to your order, you can add them to your order at check out for an additional $4 per apron.

The 2" Predator Eyes eyes, designed by and printed exclusively for us on strong, rip and tear-resistant duck cloth, are hand-sewn to order onto your apron, so adding Predator Eyes to your order will delay shipping by approximately 5 to 7 working days.

The "Alaska" Hen Saver® adds a layer of warmth to our trusted tight-weave hen apron. The same triple-layer protection for your hens with a underside of super soft, toasty warm fleece. All "Alaska" Hen Savers are made to order here in the USA. Adding Predator Eyes to your order will delay shipping by approximately 5 to 7 working days.

Warranty Information

Warranty covers only manufacturer defects. Any damage
caused by improper use or care of product is the responsibility of the
user. Warranty does not include replacement for normal wear and tear. Crazy K Farm Pet and Poultry Products will replace any product that has a defect due to manufacturing.

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  1. Highly durable saddles 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Jun 2017

    4 of our hens have taken a beating from an aggressive rooster when mating. The hens backs have bald spots, red spots, and feathers missing. I purchased the single strap and they work great- our chickens seem comfortable and able to function normally. I thought they might try to get them off because our birds are free-ranging, but they adjusted in just 2 days. These are our hens saving grace. They are durable, thick, and dried quickly when it rained.

  2. Great-quality Saddle 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Jun 2016

    One of my hens, who is nearly four years old, is getting a bit slower and a lot easier for the roosters to catch, resulting in her being extremely torn up. At first we thought she was just molting, but that was apparently not the case when her feathers wouldn't grow back. Her entire back was bright red and totally bald, as were her shoulders. This is definitely a "Hen Saver." She was totally comfortable wearing the saddle, and within a few days her skin under the saddle looked pink again and we could see some new feather growth. I love the durability, and how comfortable my hen is in it. When she lifts her wings, she gets plenty of air flow underneath the saddle, and she can dirt bathe in it. I would have given this five stars but for the fact that my hen doesn't like the shoulder protector. We tried for days to get her accustomed to it, but with no success. In the end, we just flipped it around so the elastic wasn't around her neck, and it works perfectly, thanks to the velcro on the saddle.