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Hen Saver Hen Apron/Saddle "50% OFF SALE"

  • Red Bandana Hen Saver with Shoulder Protectors
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Hen Saver® protect hens' backs from roosters; prevents feather loss and cuts and gashes that can lead to picking, cannibalism and death in both domestic and commercial flocks; cover areas of feather loss and wounds to promote healing and feather re-growth; and provide potential protection against hawks by reducing their ability to grasp chickens. Add Predator Eyes to your Hen Saver and hawks may not attack your chickens at all!

Unique features that add to the functionality and durability of the apron include a notch at the base to accommodate the hen's tail feathers, two strap styles, finished-seam stitching that secures a layer of breathable batting between two layers of rip-, tear- and puncture-resistant material, and optional fixed or removable shoulder protector.

Our high-quality aprons are time-tested and chicken approved! There are cheaper aprons on the market, but you get what you pay for. Our aprons are the most durable and safest for your chicken. In particular, beware of aprons made from slick or "waterproof material" -- the lack of breathability will over-heat your chicken and the slick material will cause your rooster to slide off, potentially slitting open your hen's sides with his spurs. 

The double-strap style is intended for more active chickens and is more complex to put on the chicken. The apron is secured by pulling it over the chicken's head and through the loops made by the intersection of the two straps. You must pull one of the chicken's wings through the appropriate loop of the strap (left wing through the left loop, right wing through the right loop). More active chickens will be less able to remove this apron. But some chickens cannot tolerate the straps crossing their chests. Those chickens would need a single strap Hen Saver.

The single-strap hen apron secures to the chicken by pulling the chicken's left wing through the left loop of the strap and the right wing through the right loop of the strap. This single strap style is work like a backpack and easier to put on the chicken and more comfortable for the chicken to wear, but some chickens may be able to remove the apron.

Aprons are available with strong double-layer shoulder protectors that are either permanently fixed onto the apron or attached with velcro.

LARGE fits most standard breed hens and small roosters, MEDIUM fits most bantam breed hens, and SMALL fits shorter backed or thicker tailed bantams (Silkies, etc.). Extra Large fits most standard breed roosters and large hens and Extra Extra Large fits most large standard roosters and turkeys. Custom sizes (XS, XXXL) are available and can be ordered by phone (1-800-980-4165 ext 0).

Our patented Predator Eyes aprons are intended to inhibit hawks from attacking chickens. Add Predator Eyes to your Hen Saver® apron for an additional $4. Our round eyes were designed with the help of a raptor expert and printed exclusively for us on strong, long-lasting, rip and tear-resistant duck cloth. Our predator eyes are hand-cut and sewn onto your apron; they are not flimsy decals.

If you are buying a Hen Saver® to assist you with a hawk problem, please note that some hens will naturally squat in place without struggling when being attacked, enabling a predator to easily grab her neck and make a quick kill. Hen Saver® WILL NOT help in this case. However, we do offer aprons with our hand-designed "predator eyes" patches to inhibit hawks from attacking chickens in the first place. The predator eyes are large red and yellow eyes sewn onto the aprons, effectively staring up at the sky from the back of your chicken. Although they are still in the testing phase, results to date look promising. If you would like to add a pair of predator eyes to your order, you can add them to your order at check out for an additional $4 per apron.

The 2" Predator Eyes eyes, designed by and printed exclusively for us on strong, rip and tear-resistant duck cloth, are hand-sewn to order onto your apron, so adding Predator Eyes to your order will delay shipping by approximately 7 to 10 working days.

Warranty Information

Warranty covers only manufacturer defects. Any damage
caused by improper use or care of product is the responsibility of the
user. Warranty does not include replacement for normal wear and tear. Crazy K Farm Pet and Poultry Products will replace any product that has a defect due to manufacturing.

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  1. MIMI'S JEAN JACKET 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Jul 2013

    Poor Mimi was feeling way out of sorts. She is a submissive hen, and Thunda had worn her to scabs below her wings. We bought her a stylish apron with permanent shoulder pads, and then isolated her for a couple of days. She's fine now, and I am ordering 2 more for other hens who are looking pretty "ratty" and also getting sunburned on their bare backs. This is a great product!

  2. Saved my hens 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th May 2013

    The first hen saver i bought saved my hen, she happened to be the rooster's favorite so she was nearly featherless. I am buying a second hen saver to protect her back from sunburn as well as the rooster.
    Thanks Crazy K Farms

  3. My Lady's are Thankful 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Jun 2012

    I didn't know what to expect ordering the Hen Savers. I got the single strap and the removable wing protector. My "Nugget", the lowest bird in the pecking order was badly balding, including her head. Not only did the Roosters see her as an easy target but the other hens also had no mercy. She would stay in the hen house all day, every day, while the roosters and other hens enjoyed eating grass and bugs outside. It was a terrible life for her. Once I got the hen apron on her, which was not very pleasant, she struggles terribly when I tried to loop it around her wings. But we got it on just fine. She picked around at it, especially the white elastic straps, but she got used to it pretty quick. I let that stay on about a week or so and then I tried adding the wing protector. Every once in a while it flips up, when she flies but eventually it goes back into place. Now she is out with the other hens and isn't in dread when the Roosters Approach her. I also think the Roosters don't much care for it because they are leaving her alone more. I am about to order some for my other hens, who are also starting to look haggard. The removable wing protector is great and offers a huge amount of protection against angry claws. I do not use the elastic neck strap. She doesn't like the feel of it around her neck. I cut it off. The velcro holds great! I highly recommend this product for your pets.

  4. Saved my girls backs 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Apr 2012

    One of my roosters is a bit rough, and the injured girls who got aprons are all healed and feathers coming back in good. I'm very happy with the aprons.

  5. Great protection 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Apr 2012

    I've read positive and negative reviews about hen saddles but my gals were so bald and getting injured I had to try something. They work wonderfully. The gals are safer and the boys can have their fun. Great product to protect my gals! Not all my gals wear them, just the rooster's favorites. Everyone is happy!

  6. I Get to Keep my Beloved Rooster and have Fully Feathered Hens too! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Apr 2012

    I'm back to order my 4th saddle for another one of my injured and balding hens. I would feel more sorry for these hens and their ravaged backs, but they absolutely adore the rooster, El Rey! First I bought this gorgeous rooster via Craig'slist, from a lady who greatly cared for him, but had too many roosters. She felt she needed a pure Americauna to tighten up her developing breeding program.

    At my farm, El Rey was lonely without his previous wives and crowed constantly. So, I went back to the breeder and purchased 2 of his former hens. When I brought them home to the barn, the hens were delighted to see him and he showed his excitement by mounting them...a lot! So I returned to the breeder and bought 2 more of his hens that had been moping around since his departure. I took pity on one all-but-bald hen that had been El Rey's favorite wife. She looked used up and the breeder didn't think the feathers would grow back; she gave me a huge discount to take her. The poor girl was so naked of feathers that I called her Fanny. Fanny was so excited to see El Rey. She snuggled up with him all night. and every night since. Well, I looked on-line to find some way to protect her raw back. The best option seemed to be Hen Saver®.

    The product arrived quickly and my husband and I figured out how to put the double straps with the shoulder protectors on Fanny, easily enough. This was in December (2011). By the end of February, Fanny had all her feathers back. She is now a beautiful white easter egger hen that I renamed Gracie. El Rey's wives squabble to get to cuddle next to him at night, but one by one have needed a Hen Saver® saddle for protection. His least favorite wife of the four, is now looking a bit ragged, so I am getting her protection now before I see any further bare skin.

    It is interesting to note that as Fanny (now Gracie) grew her feathers back, she also grew more confident. She used to run from me and the other hens. She only showed her personality when she fought to sleep by El Rey at night. Now she doesn't run from me when I enter the pen. I think she realizes she is a pretty little hen! My little ugly duckling has become a swan!

    I plan to go back to the neighborhood breeder to get a couple more wives. Before I discovered the miracle of the Hen Saver®, I was beginning to think I would have to get rid of my gorgeous and much loved rooster. During this same time I had to give away 3 other roosters from another variety of chickens that I had raised from week one of their lives. They were raised with my other pullets in a different pen. They were not nice roosters like El Rey.

    It is really cute to see my hens going about their day in their rather stylish saddles; which look like jackets. I am going to need more colors to choose from to help me tell the girls apart. When I pick up these hens, it feels comfortable and less slippery to hold them. They are easier to catch when they don't want to be caught because of the saddle. So, I would definitely recommend this product to those who love their hens and can't bear to see them hurt in any way. Seeing them restored to their original beauty and comfort, has been heartwarming as well as a huge relief. Thanks for this great product!

  7. Allowed me to keep my roosters, and saved my hen from eagles 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Oct 2011

    Three years ago my father-in-law died. He had seven full-sized Croad Langshan chickens, 2 roosters and 5 hens. He had originally obtained 25 for slaughter and these were the only ones left, so they were not tame. But they were beautiful, regal birds with a gentle and curious personality, so we decided to adopt them. They were moved from their tiny, inhumane holding pen in Los Angeles to a free-range lifestyle near Seattle. This new arrangement included a henhouse with padded perches, inside a predator-proof night-time 6' X 12' chicken yard, inside a one acre predator-resistant all-day exercise yard. I say predator-resistant because dogs and coyotes can't dig under or climb the fencing, but the young eagles aren't impressed. The mature raptors know these chickens are a bit big for them, but the 1-3 year old eagles still swoop in sometimes.

    The first year I had this group the hens lost all the feathers on their backs from the roosters treading, and got painful scratches and sunburns. I thought of getting rid of one of the roosters (2 roosters is really too many for only 5 hens), but the 2 roosters are best friends, and work as a team to monitor the sky and protect the hens. Then I saw the ad for HenSavers and decided to try them. What a difference these little jackets have made! All the feathers grew back, and the scratches and sunburns healed. The first week I caught up the hens every day (not easy, since they're not tame) to check for wounds caused by the elastic straps, but never found any. After that I checked once a week, then monthly, but still nothing. Now I just watch how the hens move for 5-10 minutes when I first let them out in the morning, and change the aprons out every 6 months for laundering (when your hens aren't tame, it's a good idea to have 2 aprons for each bird). I've been using these on all my hens for more than 2 years, and my birds have never had any injuries from the straps. They can run, fly, preen, and dust bathe without restriction. I originally purchased the double strap option, but later went to the single strap style (much easier to put on a wild hen). Despite my birds being very active, the single strap style has never come off. Each bird has a different colored apron, so I can easily tell the look-alike hens apart from each other at a distance.

    Last year we had a near loss, but Lucy was saved thanks to the HenSaver apron. We were in the yard and saw two young eagles hunting several pastures away. When they turned towards the chickens, the roosters sounded the alarm and 4 of the hens ran for the cover of the trees. But one hen (Lucy) was foraging in the herb garden and ducked into the rosemary bush. The eagle saw her and swooped in within seconds. One talon gripped the flesh on her side, but the other talons closed prematurely on the apron over her back. As the eagle flew away, it lifted her into the air. As she struggled the talon in her side tore through her flesh, so she was then hanging by just the apron. After 30 yards she struggled out of the apron and fell to the ground. It took weeks of medical care for her to recover, but she is now back to normal with her flockmates. If she had not been wearing the hen apron, the talons over her back would have punctured into her lungs, and she would have been carried off and eaten by the eagle. When I replaced her apron, I added the "predator eyes" option.

    If you're not sure about options, here are my recommendations:

    1) Even if your hens and roosters are very active, try the single strap variety first. Go to the double strap only if your hen can get the single strap off. The single straps are MUCH easier to put on, and the hens don't have as long an adjustment period to accept wearing them. After reading the descriptions I assumed that the single strap would be too easy to remove for my active hens, but they don't come off easily.

    2) The shoulder protectors are REALLY necessary. My girls lost as many feathers on their shoulders as on their backs, and seemed to get more scratches and sunburns there afterwards. I wish that the shoulder protectors were a bit longer, but too long and they would interfere with the chicken's wings. I have been able to lengthen the shoulder protector a tiny bit by getting the removable protector and reattaching it a bit further down (towards the tail). The velcro is very secure, and I have never had one of the removable protectors fall off.

    3) The sizing seems to be accurate. I assumed that my 7-8 pound hens would need the extra large size because they were the biggest hens I'd ever owned, but the extra large was just a bit too big. The large really does fit most standard large hens.

    4) The "predator eyes" option is a great extra if you've got a predator problem. I've read lots of information about this type of camouflage, and it makes sense. Ignore your friends that tease you about putting "targets" on your chickens' backs. It may save their lives. (OK, they do look like targets close-up, but they also look like two menacing eyes looking up at you from far away, so hopefully the hawk or eagle will move on to "easier" prey.)

    5) If your chickens look alike at a distance, get different colored aprons so you can identify each one at a glance.

    6) If your chickens are outside in the weather, consider Scotchgarding the aprons. (Wait several days afterwards to be sure that they're thoroughly dry before putting them on the hens.) This will make the fabric more water resistant for those of us that live in a rainy area. But even without Scotchgarding, the fabric seems to dry fairly quickly and the girls never seem to be soggy for long.