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Current Rescues Needing Help

The following are just a couple of the animals at Crazy K Farm that are currently in need of/currently receiving medical care:


Booty Girl




Bootles (as we have nicknamed her) has leukemia. She has been on chemotherapy for two months and has stabilized to a near-miraculous level -- her current blood work looks NORMAL! Her medications are not inexpensive and she will be on them for the rest of her life. She is a wonderful hen and with continued support should live a healthy, happy and hopefully long, life.






Una came to us with one leg: she survived an attack by a snake that had bitten off her leg.  She recently laid her first egg. I was concerned about how she would do that since she is not very stable, and prefers laying on her side to standing on her one leg. But there was the egg, and she looked fine... She will, of course, live inside for the rest of her life and your support will keep her healthy and happy.





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