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Meet Our Animals

Crazy K Farm is home to many funny, smart and amazing creatures -- almost all of them rescues!


Meet Ducky Ducky:


Izzy and her mate adopted an orphaned gosling after saving it from two ganders who were intent on killing it. Now NOBODY can get near that baby!:


Izzy is a bit of a character who especially likes to spend time in the pool!


Meet the newest inhabitants of Crazy K Farm; five Ameraucana chickens that could no longer be cared for by their previous owner:


Spenser, one of our Livestock Guardian Dogs, bonding with a group of rescued Mallards and Muscovy Ducks:



At Crazy K Farm, rescued livestock are guarded by rescued Livestock Guardian Dogs:



Any sick animals get the best medical attention we can afford. Here, a very ill little rescued chicken named Gimpy is being hand fed:



One of the goats that was placed with us after being seized from a previous owner as an animal cruelty case, surprized us when she gave birth to little Oreo:



Please consider helping us meet the medical needs of our rescues by contributing to our Vet Bill Fund. Even a donation as small as $1 will make a difference! Click here to donate.