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Past Cases Say Thank You

Meet some of the recipients of your donations:


Wheezy was a Rhode Island Red hen that is having difficulty breathing. She hasdbeen diagnosed with both aspergillosis, a serious fungal disease that invades the lungs, and a secondary MRSA (resistant staff infection.) Her antifungal medications cost $125 per week. With your help she recovered 100% and recently passed away of natural causes.






Buffy was a Buff Orpington that was rescued along with her sister, Gimpy, about three years ago. She suffered from egg yoke peritonitis and was called a miracle by the veterinarians who did not expect her to survive as long as she did. Although she passed away during surgery, our Angels covered the bills for her very expensive medicines for several months prior to surgery. Thank you, Angels! And RIP Buff, every single day we miss you...




Lucky is a female African goose who was attacked by a Bobcat. The cat bit her in the neck, breaking her vertebrae and causing a life-threatening infection. For several weeks she was paralyzed, but thanks to your donations, she received the medical care she needed to survive. The infection was beaten, her vertebrae fused, and she regained her ability to walk. In this photo you can see the scars left by the cat's canine teeth and the crook in Lucky's neck:


The cost of Lucky's medical care was about $800.


Lucy is a female Ameraucana chicken who suffered from egg peritonitis. She had her oviduct removed. Here is a photo of her after surgery:


The cost of Lucky's medical care and two surgeries was $3400.


Spenser is one of our rescued Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGD) who protects our rescued chickens, geese and ducks. He tore both rear ACLs and was unable to walk. Here's a photo of him at the hospital waiting for the first of his two surgeries:


The cost of Spenser's medical care and two surgeries was $5200.


Rooster Booster and Henry were two of several rooster who suffered from bumblefoot. You donated enough for a vet visit to get their wounds healed! Thank you!






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IMPORTANT: Please note that we are NOT YET a 501(c)3 and your donation is therefore not tax deductible until we obtain this status